Blog Commenting Policy is the blogging part of web sites (which include the main web site, content web site, and a set of online course-specific web sites). Our blog posts try to make networking industry better and more focused on reality (as opposed to vendor hype and marketectures) and we love to hear your opinions… as long as they are polite and backed up with technical arguments.

If the content of the blog post is unclear, if you disagree with what we wrote, and have facts to prove it, or if we’re plain wrong, your polite and constructive comment will be most welcome.

It might take a while for your comment to appear – occasionally we have to turn on comment moderation due to individuals who cannot grasp the meaning of the previous two paragraph.

Note to anonymous commentators

Every now and then someone decides to vent their private frustrations or prove their infinite “wisdom” with a Kilroy-was-here masterpiece. We do not tolerate such behavior and will remove off-topic, rude or aggressive comments… more so if they’re coming from anonymous users or from online profiles that were clearly created for one-time use.

To make a long story short: if you can’t behave like a polite guest entering someone else’s property, you’re not welcome. However, we cross-post all our blog posts to Twitter and LinkedIn, so if you feel irresistible urge to publish your rant, you might want to do it there.

Being a firm believer in Hanlon’s Razor we might try to explain the visitors with suboptimal comprehension skills what we had in mind … but in the end the comments will be removed no matter what.

Note to marketers

Third-party web sites are not a platform to promote your products, services, or irrelevant spam. There are plenty of social media web sites that you can use, there’s no need to pollute our blog.