Building Next-Generation Data Center: Frequently Asked Questions

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Logistics Details

When does the course start?

This is a mentored self-paced online course, so you can start whenever you want to.

We have no immediate plans for the next live course at the moment, but you can get the course as part of the Expert subscription, and as mentioned, start immediately.

How much time will I need?

You'll probably need up to 6 months to complete all the course modules.

The course is split into 12 modules which are on average 10 hours long for a total of over 120 hours of self-study materials (an equivalent of a 6-week full-time classroom course curriculum). Plan to spend an additional day or two per module on design assignments.

Course Materials

When will I get access to course materials?

After registering for the course, you’ll be able to access all the course materials, including the recordings of all live sessions taking place between 2016 and 2018, complete your hands-on exercises, and be ready to implement modern data center and/or private cloud infrastructure in a few months.

Does the course price include access to "Recommended Reading" materials?

Yes, all online courses include access to materials listed in the Recommended Reading sections of the course description.

When will I get access to "Recommended Reading" materials?

You get access to all Recommended Reading materials as soon as you register for the online course.


Can I get a certificate at the end?


Is the course vendor-accredited?

Proudly, no. We believe in providing you a vendor-neutral knowledge.

Community and Support

What kind of support can I expect?

  • Free email support with next-business-day turnaround within a year of your purchase;
  • DC Slack group ( access and group discussions;
  • Hands-on exercise and solution(s) review by Ivan.

What is the difference between a mentored self-paced course and only self-paced course?

The self-paced courses include access to the course affiliated Slack groups and email support, while the mentored courses like Building Next-Generation Data Center, include also the precious hands-on exercise and solution(s) review by Ivan.

Will Ivan answer all my questions?

Not every time. And the good news is that you don't need him to. The best option to get your answer is to post your question in the DC Slack group ( That will be faster, and your peers will benefit from the answer too. Remember, all guest speaker are also members of the Slack group, so you can get a first-hand reply.

Is the DC Slack group open to everyone?

No. The DC Slack group ( is a closed group for course attendees and guest speakers and is by invitation only.

Online Courses and Subscriptions

Is course material included in Standard subscription?

The online course and the Standard subscription are separate. The online courses focus on one specific topic, while the webinars included in the Standard subscription cover a wider range of topics (see existing and upcoming webinars).

Which Subscription plan provides access to the course materials?

Expert subscription.

Purchasing a Course as a Company or a Group

We are a big company. Is it possible to get the quote or proforma invoice?

Yes. As all paperwork is fully automated, you can generate the quote or proforma invoice by yourself.

Please proceed to the course shopping cart, and under the Select the payment method, select Send me a quote. You can enter whatever information you wish in the form to meet your company requirements.

You might raise a quote/proforma invoice if your internal procedures require you to do so, but we’ll still provision the service only when we receive your payment.

You will not have any obligation to us with just generating the quote/proforma invoice.

For more information, visit Buying Products: Frequently Asked Questions.

Is there a special rate for groups?

Yes. We love to see groups enroll! The discount is available for a group of 5< attendees and increases with the number of seats. Please visit Workgroup Subscriptions page and select the Expert Subscription option if you want to access the course materials.