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When you're almost ready to buy an subscription but want to get a free sample first.

21 webinars (list)

175 videos (33 hours)


$299 /year+VAT[1]

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89 webinars (list)

1732 downloadable videos

358 hours of content (list)

Unlimited live webinar sessions

Student notes for 17 workshops

3 digital books

18 case studies


$1290 /year+VAT

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For network engineers who want to dive deep into systems and architectures

All content available with Standard subscription

Unlimited live webinar sessions

1 online course[2]
of your choice[3]

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Prices are in USD and do not include VAT or sales tax. Based on your country of residence you might have to pay them - some countries want to tax all purchases of their residents, and unfortunately there's nothing we can do about that.
  2. Includes recordings of all live sessions of selected course, but not attendance at live sessions themselves. Access to course materials is limited to the duration of Expert subscription. If you want to attend live sessions, or have lifetime access to course materials, register for individual courses.
  3. You'll select the course after buying the subscription