ipSpace.net Subscription: Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions

How does it work?

You'll get access to my.ipSpace.net, from which you’ll be able to download all webinar materials and videos, or register for live webinar sessions.

How long is a subscription valid?

One year from the date of the purchase.

Subscription renewals are valid for one year from the date of the purchase or one year from the expiration date of the current subscription, whichever is later.

What's included in the Standard subscription?

  • Free attendance at all live webinar sessions during the subscription period.
  • Immediate unlimited access (for the duration of the subscription) to materials and downloadable videos of all ipSpace.net webinars ever delivered.
  • Access to workshop slide decks.
  • Auxiliary materials are available with some webinars. These materials might be router configurations, source code, Recommended Reading list, or Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Additional documents like ExpertExpress Case Studies;

What's not included in the Standard subscription?

  • Attendance at on-site workshops
  • Attendance or materials for online courses

What's included in the Expert subscription?

  • All content and services available with a Standard subscription
  • 1 self-paced online course of your choice

You'll get access to recordings of all live sessions of the selected course, but not attendance at live sessions themselves. Access to course materials is limited to the duration of Expert subscription. If you want to attend live sessions or have lifetime access to course materials, register for individual courses.

Can I get a discount on ipSpace.net courses?

Yes. Subscribers with Standard or Expert subscription, or a workgroup version of these subscriptions (including Team Leader and CxO subscriptions), get a 10% discount on full-price Regular tickets (but not on Believer, Enthusiast or Early Bird tickets) for online courses.

Can I download the video materials?

Yes. All webinars delivered after 2011 are available as downloadable MP4 videos. Some of the older webinars are available as downloadable WebEx recordings in ARF format.

How many people can use it?

ipSpace.net webinar subscriptions are individual subscription, but you can use it like a book. Team Leader and CxO subscriptions include access for 5 and 20 users respectively. Check out the workgroup subscriptions if you'd like to give access to ipSpace.net webinars to a larger team.

Buying the subscription

How can I buy it?

Go to the top of this page and press the Start now button ;)

Alternatively, go to the ipSpace.net Subscription page for more options.

Can I pay with a bank (wire) transfer?

Yes. After selecting the desired subscription product, choose bank transfer or send me a quote on the checkout page, and fill in the form. We'll send you the proforma invoice with wire transfer instructions in PDF format, and a final invoice once we receive the payment.

Can I upgrade between subscription tiers?

You can upgrade from Free to Standard subscription. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Log into the Webinar Management System;
  • Follow the instructions in the Special Offers box at the top of the page.

Your Standard subscription will be valid for a year starting with the day you purchase the upgrade.

You can also upgrade from Standard to Expert subscription by buying the Expert Subscription at any time - the Expert Subscription will be valid until a year after your current Standard subscription expires.

Can I downgrade from Expert to Standard subscription the next year?

Yes. After a year you could decide to:

  • Buy a new Expert subscription and get access to another (or the same) online course;
  • Downgrade to Standard subscription at a significantly reduced renewal price (assuming you're renewing with a credit card) a few weeks before it expires and keep access to ipSpace.net webinars (and the course Slack team – I hate cleanup jobs).

Will I get a receipt for my purchase?

Yes. If you're paying with a credit card, our merchant (Digital River) will send you a PDF receipt that you can use to reimburse your expenses as soon as your credit card transaction is processed. If you're paying with a bank transfer, we'll send you the final invoice once we receive your payment.

For more details see buying ipSpace.net products FAQ

Renewing the subscription

Are the renewals automatic?

No. You'll be able to renew the subscription at a significantly reduced price (assuming you're renewing with a credit card) a few weeks before it expires, but we'll never charge your credit card without your explicit authorization.

How do I renew the subscription?

You can renew the subscription at any time; you can even add more than one year to your existing subscription. The easiest way to renew a subscription that is about to expire is to log into https://my.ipspace.net and follow the instructions in the box that appears at the top of the page:

Alternatively, open the subscription management page. You can also access that page from your account page by clicking the Manage link in the Subscription line.

Three months before your subscription expires you'll start getting occasional e-mail notifications with the renewal offers, and more explicit warnings on the first page of my.ipspace.net

Please note that the renewal price will increase gradually as the subscription expiration date approaches.

Live Webinar Sessions

How many live webinar sessions can I attend?

Every subscriber gets access to all live webinar sessions within the subscription period. All you have to do is to register for individual sessions.

Where can I find upcoming live sessions?

Upcoming sessions are listed on ipSpace.net blog, on main ipSpace.net web site and on my.ipspace.net.

How long are the live webinar sessions?

Most live webinar sessions take between 90 minutes and 2 hours. I try to guestimate the length of a webinar when we start planning its contents (= before publishing its description on the web). However, the amount of material can drastically increase as I start researching the topic, as well as based on feedback I get from reviewers and vendors mentioned in the webinar.

Another unpredictable parameter are the attendee questions – I always answer all questions asked during the webinar, usually right at the time when they were asked. Numerous detailed questions can thus significantly increase the duration of the webinar – the OpenFlow webinar took almost 6 hours, with approximately half of the time spent on answering questions.

In the past, a live webinar session would go on as long as needed (the Data Center webinar sessions were 5+ hours long). While most attendees persisted throughout the webinar (and I always admired them – it must be really hard to listen to someone for hours), it was a grueling affair for everyone involved.

In early 2015 we changed that – a webinar that’s going to take more than approximately 2.5 hours is split into multiple sessions. If that’s predictable (= the slide deck is way too long for 2 hours), you get notified either when registering for the webinar or at least a few days before the event; otherwise, we’d just wrap up the session around 2-hour mark and schedule a follow-up session.

To summarize: a webinar session won’t take longer than approximately 2 hours (planning 2.5 hours is more than enough), and if we still run overtime, we’ll reconvene in a week or two. In any case, all webinar sessions are recorded, and you usually get access to the recording within 3-5 business days after the live event.

How do I register for a live webinar session?

It's really easy:

  • Log into my.ipspace.net
  • Find the desired session in the Upcoming Webinars box
  • Click the Register link
  • Check the details and confirm the registration

After registering for a live session you'll get:

  • Confirmation email;
  • GoToWebinar registration details that you'll need to enter the virtual classroom;
  • Reminders 2 days and 4 hours before the session starts;
  • A follow-up email with video download instructions.

How do I get into the virtual classroom?

All the details you need are in the GoToWebinar registration email and in the reminders you get before the live session starts.

Don't worry if you lose all of them (or they landed in your Junk Mail folder) - a join the session link is waiting for you at the top of the first page of my.ipspace.net.

How do I cancel my registration?

It's so kind of you to think about this, but there's no need to do anything at all. We're not limited by the number of registrations but by the number of actual webinar attendees.

What can I do if I forgot to register?

You can join every webinar session straight from my.ipspace.net - a join the session link appears at the top of the page an hour before the live session starts.

Accessing Content

Where do I find digital books?

Digital books are included in the list of materials available in the Data Center, SDN and SDDC roadmaps. You'll find them somewhere close to the bottom of the page(s).

Where are the case studies?

ExpertExpress Case Studies in book format are found in the Data Center roadmap. If you'd like to download individual case studies, you'll find them here.

Where are the router configurations?

Router configurations are available for some configuration-focused webinars, primarily DMVPN and IPv6 webinars. You'll find them together with other webinar materials - look for files with .tar (gzipped TAR archive) extension. You'll need WinRAR or a similar tool to open them on Windows; Mac OSX and Linux usually include all the prerequisite software.

Some other webinars include links to examples in ipSpace GitHub repositories.

Free Subscriptions

What is a Free subscription

Free subscription shows you the breadth of ipSpace.net webinars. It gives you one year access to one or more free webinars from almost every roadmap, plus a number of featured videos from other webinars.

We're continuously adding new free webinars or featured videos, giving you access to an ever-increasing range of content. You'll receive these exciting news, plus updates on other ipSpace.net content, upcoming live sessions, and popular blog posts in monthly mailings.

The Free subscription is valid for one year.

How does Free subscription work

The Free subscription user interface is very similar to a paid subscription interface, the only difference is that you cannot access to the "locked" content that is only available to the user with paid a subscription; but of course, you can always upgrade to paid subscription.

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