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  • Are you a traditional networking engineer and want to get fluent in data center technologies?
  • Want to get familiar with server virtualization and its impact on networking?
  • Have to build a multi-data-center solution?
  • Need to design an infrastructure supporting highly available applications in active-active environment?
  • Wonder how SDN impacts modern data centers and what whitebox switching is all about?

The Data Center Infrastructure webinars will help you get fluent with modern data center technologies, and when you're ready to tackle harder design- and architecture-related challenges check out:

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Technology Introduction

Network Programmability 101: This webinar discusses fundamental concepts and ideas that network engineers can use today to start "ramping up" the software-defined path. Matt Oswalt addresses some of the biggest questions on many network professionals' minds - questions like "Do I need to be a programmer to keep my job?", or "There is so much to learn - where do I start?"

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Introduction to Virtualized Networking: Introductory webinar describing the networking requirements of server virtualization and IaaS cloud services, workload mobility, large-scale virtual networking solutions and multi-tenant isolation. This webinar is the recommended entry-level starting point for networking engineers interested in virtualization and cloud services.

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Data Center Infrastructure for Networking Engineers: A broad overview of modern data center architectures and technologies covering server and LAN virtualization, LAN reference architectures and emerging fabric architectures, storage area networks and basics of data center interconnects.

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Data Center Fabrics

Data Center Fabric Architectures: The webinar describes the data center networking requirements and various approaches to data center fabric networks. It includes an in-depth analysis of fabric architectures used by major data center networking vendors, and compares their scalability and ease-of-use.

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Networks, Buffers, and Drops: Buffering is a confusing and sometimes controversial topic when it comes to networking. In this short presentation, JR Rivers discusses some of the related theory and practicalities, and gives insight into tools that are available to networking specialists.

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Leaf-and-Spine Fabric Architectures: The Leaf-and-Spine Fabric Architectures webinar describes the leaf-and-spine (Clos fabric) concepts, architecture, and single- and multistage designs that can be used to build large layer-2 or layer-3 all-point-equidistant Data Center networks.

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EVPN Technical Deep Dive: This webinar will help you grasp the EVPN fundamentals, potential use cases, and its benefits and drawbacks. The deep dive part of the webinar discussed technical details that will enable you to deploy and troubleshoot EVPN in multi-vendor environments.

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Storage Technologies

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Deep Dive: This webinar will dive deep into the future and realities of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure.

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The Network Impact of NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF): This webinar will help explain how and why networking administrators should care about the type of Fabric used in NVMe™ over Fabrics, the trade-offs, and the preparations necessary.

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Software-Defined and Open Networking

Introduction to Software Defined Networking (SDN): This webinar will help you figure out whether it's worth spending time and energy on Software Defined Networking and related technologies, and explain the concepts of SDN, whitebox switching, and network programmability and automation.

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Open Networking for Large-Scale Networks: This webinar covers the design components involved in building a data center or cloud fabric using a single, disaggregated device—the way some hyperscale and web scale operators build their networks.

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Multi-Site Deployments and Application-Level Challenges

Data Center Interconnects: Focused exclusively on DCI issues, this webinar describes numerous designs and technologies (including local and global load balancers, VPLS, OTV and MPLS/VPN) that can be used to build active-active data centers. This webinar expands on the concepts described in the Data Center 3.0 for Networking Engineers webinar, which is thus a highly recommended prerequisite.

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Designing Active-Active and Disaster Recovery Data Centers: This webinar covers typical design scenarios encountered when building a disaster recovery data center or deploying multiple data centers in an active-active configuration.

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TCP, HTTP and SPDY: TCP and HTTP, the transport and presentation-layer protocols used by almost all web-based applications, could have a significant impact on web application responsiveness and page load time. The webinar also describes SPDY, a novel protocol that is currently the basis for HTTP 2.0.

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Building Data Center Fabrics with Cumulus Linux : Discover Cumulus Linux, find out how to use it on whitebox switches, and learn how to build BGP-based data center fabrics with it.


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