Online Courses: Frequently Asked Questions

This document answers generic questions about online courses. You might want to check these documents for more details:

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Course Materials

Does the course price include access to "Recommended Reading" materials?

Yes, all online courses include access to materials listed in the Recommended Reading sections of the course description.

When will I get access to "Recommended Reading" materials?

You get access to all Recommended Reading materials as soon as you register for the online course, so you can start preparing for the course as soon as you register.

Will I get the past and future recordings of live sessions?

All online sessions (guest speaker presentations and design/Q&A sessions) are recorded and available to future attendees of the course. The same applies in the other direction - recordings of future sessions will be available to anyone who registered for the course in the past.

Will I get access to recordings of current session if I register for a future one?

Absolutely. You'll get access to all session recordings as soon as they are published.

Live Sessions

When will the live sessions take place?

Live online sessions usually take place on Tuesday or Thursday, and almost all of them start at 4PM CET / 10AM EST / 7AM PST.

How are the live sessions delivered?

We use GoToWebinar classroom to deliver all the live sessions, giving you the ability to ask questions in real time or even join the audio conversation if you wish to. All the sessions are recorded, and the videos are published in downloadable MP4 format, so you can view them (and ask questions in the Automation Slack group) at your convenience.

The Duration of the Course

How long is the course?

The live sessions take place across a span of three months. You can start as early as you wish, and even complete hands-on assignments (and Ivan will review them) before the live sessions start.

So, you can start at the moment you register with self-study materials for the first module and with that you will be ready for the first live session, better prepared than others who start with the self-study at the last minute (one week before the start). You can go ahead and study also for the other modules, as there is a lot to take in. So, study at your own pace, write down your questions for the upcoming live session, or you can always ask via Automation Slack group or email.

You can also keep working on the course materials and complete all the hands-on assignments long after the live sessions finish. But we would suggest you don’t postpone too much with submitting your hand-on assignment, especially if you need a certification of completion (see the next question).

Do I have to complete the course in the 3 months period?

No. After all, it’s you working on acquiring new skills, and you know best how fast you can proceed. However, a few weeks after the course, Ivan will send out the certificates that will say “Joe attended the course” or “Joe attended the course and created a network automation solution that does X” ;)


Can I get a certificate at the end?


Is the course vendor-accredited?

Proudly, no. We believe in providing you a vendor-neutral knowledge.

Community and Support

Is the course-related Slack group open to everyone?

No. The course-related Slack group is a closed group for automation course attendees and guest speakers and is by invitation only.

Will Ivan answer all my questions?

Not every time. And the good news is that you don't need him to. The best option to get your answer is to post your question in the course-related Slack group. That will be faster, and your peers will benefit from the answer too. Remember, all guest speaker are also members of the Slack group, so you can get a first-hand reply.

Online Courses and Subscriptions

Is course material included in Standard subscription?

The online course and the subscription are separate. The only overlap is the self-study material (it doesn't make sense to waste everyone's time in live sessions repeating the stuff we already talked about), and while the live sessions will be recorded, they won't be as structured as regular webinars (we'll do a lot of Q&A and whiteboarding), so we won't publish them as such.

Should I renew the Standard subscription if I plan to attend the course?

The online courses focus on one specific topic, while the webinars cover a wider range of topics (see existing and upcoming webinars), so you'll probably benefit from the subscription anyway.

However, if you want to get the most out of the online course, you'll have to invest a lot of time into self-study preparation before the course starts as well as attend weekly live sessions and work on design assignments, so it might make sense to renew the subscription after the course completes; the renewal offer will not disappear.

Purchasing a Course as a Company or a Group

We are a big company. Is it possible to get the quote or proforma invoice?

Yes. As all paperwork is fully automated, you can generate the quote or proforma invoice by yourself.

Please proceed to the course shopping cart, and under the Select the payment method, select Send me a quote. You can enter whatever information you wish in the form to meet your company requirements.

You might raise a quote/proforma invoice if your internal procedures require you to do so, but we’ll still provision the service only when we receive your payment.

You will not have any obligation to us when generating the quote/proforma invoice.

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