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Anything is marketed as a virtual firewall these days, from contexts on physical boxes to hypervisor kernel modules and VMs with a kitschy GUI in front of Linux iptables.

This workshop will walk you through the virtual firewalls taxonomy, describe the major architectural options, and illustrate typical use cases with products from vendors like Cisco, Microsoft and VMware.

If you’re a network or security architect, designer or implementation engineer working in virtualized environments, or involved in design or deployment of public or private clouds, this workshop is a must-have overview of available technologies, deployment scenarios, and scalability concerns.


  • Virtual Firewalls is a ½ day intensive instructor-led workshop.
  • We can customize the workshop by including in-depth technical details or discussions of customer’s specific design challenges.
  • Contact us for more details or if you want to have an on-site workshop for a closed group of up to 20 attendees

Topics Covered

The workshop covers these topics:

  • Firewall taxonomy (routed versus bump-in-the-wire, various levels of statefulness);
  • Virtual contexts on physical devices versus virtual firewalls;
  • Virtual appliance firewalls;
  • VM NIC firewalls and sample products;
  • Third-party plugins for VM NIC firewalls;
  • Service insertion and service chaining;
  • Virtual firewalls in private or public cloud environments.


After attending this workshop you'll be able to:

  • Identify common virtual firewall implementations and their benefits and drawbacks;
  • Evaluate vendor architectures and their applicability in your environment;
  • Select the virtual firewall solution meeting your requirements.

Who Should Attend

This workshop targets network or security architects, designer or implementation engineer who are:

  • Working in virtualized environments;
  • Involved in design or deployment of public or private clouds;
  • Evaluating the next-generation virtual firewall solutions.

About the Author

Ivan PepelnjakIvan Pepelnjak, CCIE#1354 Emeritus, is an independent network architect, book author, blogger and regular speaker at industry events like Interop, RIPE and regional NOG meetings. He has been designing and implementing large-scale service provider and enterprise networks since 1990, and is currently using his expertise to help multinational enterprises and large cloud- and service providers design next-generation data center and cloud infrastructure using Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) approaches and technologies.

Ivan is the author of several books covering data center technologies, highly praised webinars, and dozens of data center and cloud-related technical articles published on his blog.

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