Ivan Pepelnjak, an internetworking veteran and author of numerous Cisco Press books and advanced technical trainings, together with dozens of other authors created a series of webinars, workshops and online courses covering advanced and emerging internetworking technologies, from data center technologies to overlay networking, software-defined networking and network automation.

Most students start with ipSpace.net subscription that includes access to all webinars, some of them decide to invest more effort into completing instructor-led or self-paced courses, and if you have at least ten students it's always possible to schedule an on-site workshops.

Below is the list of currently available webinars – you get all of them with ipSpace.net subscription

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Virtual Private Networks

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Recent webinars

We delivered these live webinar sessions in the last 12 months:

Upcoming webinars

The following live webinar sessions are scheduled in the near future:

Why Should Anyone Care About Networking?

In the introductory section of How Networks Really Work webinar we'll focus on two simple questions: why should IT professionals (including software developers) care about networking and why should networking professionals be interested in networking fundamentals. In the second half of this live session we'll focus on the well-known Fallacies of Distributed Computing and how they affect the life of software developers and networking engineers.

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Microsoft Azure Networking

This webinar will help demystify the networking aspects of Microsoft Azure. We'll start with the high-level concepts, cover security aspects, and conclude with complex routing and hybrid cloud implementations.

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Service Insertion with EVPN

This live session with Lukas Krattiger will focus on Firewall and Load Balancer insertion (more commonly referred to as Layer-4 to Layer-7 Network Services) in VXLAN/EVPN data center fabrics, and will cover the concepts around Tenant Edge, Intra Tenant and the combination of both.

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VMware NSX-T Technical Deep Dive

This live webinar session is the first session of the Autumn 2019 NSX-T Deep Dive series. It will focus on NSX products, licensing, NSX-T architecture, and logical switches. The next sessions will cover NSX-T distributed routing and network services.

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