Data Center trilogy

This exciting offer includes three highly successful webinars:

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The three webinars included in the Data Center trilogy form the intermediate/advanced part of the Data Center roadmap.

Clos Fabrics ExplainedEnterasys DCI SolutionsData Center InterconnectsVMware Networking Deep DiveData Center 3.0 for Networking EngineersNext-Generation IP ServicesData Center Fabric ArchitecturesIntroduction to Virtual Networking

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Data Center 3.0 for Networking Engineers: A broad overview of modern data center architectures and technologies covering server and LAN virtualization, LAN reference architectures and emerging fabric architectures, storage area networks and basics of data center interconnects.

This webinar is the recommended intermediate-level starting point.

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Data Center Interconnects: Focused exclusively on DCI issues, this webinar describes numerous designs and technologies (including local and global load balancers, VPLS, OTV and MPLS/VPN) that can be used to build active-active data centers.

This webinar expands on the concepts described in the Data Center 3.0 for Networking Engineers webinar, which is thus a highly recommended prerequisite.

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VMware Networking Deep Dive: Everything you ever wanted to know about VMware networking, from the basic functionality of vSwitches to Nexus 1000V/VM-FEX intricacies, third-party firewalling solutions, virtual appliances and vCloud solutions.

This webinar assumes familiarity with the server virtualization concepts, which you can gain through the Data Center 3.0 for Networking Engineers or Introduction to Virtual Networking webinars.

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