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Separate Data from Code [Video]

10 November 2017

After explaining the challenges of data center fabric deployments, Dinesh Dutt focused on a very important topic I cover in Week#3 of the Building Network Automation Solutions online course: how do you separate data (data model describing data center fabric) from code (Ansible playbooks and device configurations)

[Video] Data Center Fabric Validation

20 October 2017

Validating the expected network behavior is (according to the intent-driven pundits) a fundamental difference that makes intent-driven products more than glorified orchestration systems.

Guess what: smart people knew that for ages and validated their deployments even when using simple tools like Ansible playbooks.

Dinesh Dutt explained how he validates data center fabric deployment during the Network Automation Use Cases webinar; I’m doing something similar in my OSPF deployment playbooks (described in detail in Ansible online course).

[Video] Building a Pure Layer-3 Data Center with Cumulus Linux

13 October 2017

One of the design scenarios we covered in Leaf-and-Spine Fabric Architectures webinar is a pure layer-3 data center, and in the “how do I do this” part of that section Dinesh Dutt talked about the details you need to know to get this idea implemented on Cumulus Linux.

We covered a half-dozen design scenarios in that webinar; for an even wider picture check out the new Designing and Building Data Center Fabrics online course.

Video: Using REST API with PowerShell

14 September 2017

PowerShell is a great scripting environment if your vendor provided PowerShell libraries to control their software or devices… but what if all you got is REST API (example: Nexus switches)?

We’ll conveniently ignore the challenges of managing devices that use 30-year-old non-scriptable CLI.

Video: Building Data Center Fabrics with SPB

1 September 2017

There are two reasonable ways of building a layer-2 leaf-and-spine fabric: use VXLAN (the direction almost everyone in the industry is taking at the moment), or routing-on-layer-2 technology like TRILL or SPB.

Challenges of Data Center Fabric Deployments [Video]

25 August 2017

One of the use cases we covered in Network Automation Use Cases webinar is a fully-automated data center fabric deployment. Dinesh Dutt (Cumulus Networks) started this section with an overview of challenges you might face in data center fabric deployments.

If you want to automate your fabric with Ansible, enroll into the Ansible for Networking Engineers course, or attend the Building Network Automation Solutions course if you want to get a broader view.

Videos: PowerShell 101

2 June 2017

Mitja Robas started his PowerShell for Networking Engineers presentation with a brief introduction to PowerShell and a few simple hands-on examples. Enjoy the videos ;)

Video: Routing on Hosts Deep Dive

21 April 2017

Wondering how exactly routing on hosts works? Dinesh Dutt explained the details in this 10-minute video during the Leaf-and-Spine Fabric Designs webinar.

Video: Overlays in Data Center Fabrics

7 April 2017

Lukas Krattiger (Cisco Systems) was the guest speaker in Layer-2+3 fabrics part of the Leaf-and-Spine Fabric Design webinar, and he started his presentation with an overview of how we use overlays in data center fabrics.